Cayuga Addiction Recovery Services
Brand Refresh
For nearly fifty years, Cayuga Addiction Recovery Services has opened eyes to a future beyond addiction, aided in their fight, and proved that recovery is possible. Their team approached me to rework their brand identity from the ground up.
The challenge was myriad: their client base was split—half of which knew the organization solely by a misleading acronym, of which the other half was ignorant; coupled with a logo depicting an ambiguous star centered on a map of New York State, countless opportunities were neglected.
For the sake of clarity, the new logo features both the acronym and the extended name. As the pinpoint of the visual identity, it alludes to the common idiom, “to turn a new leaf,” while resembling an abstract set of hands embracing. The brand's color palette is designed to feel luminous and crisp, referencing the hope of a brighter future.

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